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Blast off in this infinite runner VR shooter! Shoot glowing crystals with a pair of blasters to break open doors as you travel increasingly faster down a futuristic hallway that never ends. The better you aim and the more you blast, the higher your score. How far will you go?

This game was developed during the 2018 and 2019 academic years.

This game works on all VR headsets.

Game Instructions

Strap in to your VR headset with a pair of controllers. Aim by moving your controllers around. When you have a full charge, you can fire off a bomb shot to instantly destroy a door.

  • Oculus - Trigger to shoot, any of the face buttons for bomb shot
  • Vive - Trigger to shoot, touchpad for bomb shot
  • Index - Trigger to shoot, joystick click for bomb shot


    DJ Schillens
    Daniel Hamilton
    David Anampa
    Josh Good
    Alberto Carrillo
    Jackson Bostian
    Meghan Tankersley
    Griffin Geiger
    Dominick Bagnoli
    Jimmy Zheng

Install instructions

After installing and unzipping VGDCEndless_v1.zip, run the VGDC_VR.exe in the WindowsNoEditor folder.


VGDCEndless_v1.zip 118 MB

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