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Work with a friend or by yourself to mend a broken relationship. Each level will go through the process of repairing relationships with fun puzzles that also act as metaphors. This is a co-op game that can be played individually.

This game was developed during Global Game Jam 2020.

Game Instructions

  • Blue Piece: WASD to move
  • Red Piece: Arrow keys to move
  • Press SPACE to continue between levels


  • Will Carpenter - Programming, Project Management
  • Jimmy Zheng - Programming
  • Bailey Atwood - Art, Music, Writing
  • Mikaela Blackwood - Level Design, Art

Install instructions

After installing and unzipping Relationships.Repair_VGDC_v1.zip, launch the Relationships & Repair application.


Relationships.Repair_VGDC_v1.zip 36 MB

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